Club Clothing

Our kit is a great way to promote the club.....

….but we never insist on members wearing it.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  

Purchasing Club Clothing

Primal is our principal supplier and they sell direct to members via their online Droitwich Cycling Club Shop and includes a discount. They open the club shop a couple of times a year.  There is usually a time lag between ordering, production and delivery, so please consult their order lead time published at the top of shop web page.  Delivery usually takes a couple of months.  

NoPinz also have a shop for Droitwich Cycling Club, and they are renowned for their skinsuits. Their shop is open throughout the year but prices are  more expensive.  Off-the-peg sizes are cheaper than the custom made versions. No Pinz recommend the “Pro-1” or “Flow range” for racing cyclists wanting a no-compromise aero fit. Whereas the “Endurance range” of products offers a more traditional less aggressive fit.  You will have to wait between ordering and the item being manufactured, this may be several weeks.

Club kit cannot be returned or exchanged except for faulty manufacture, therefore please ensure you consult the size guide before ordering and read their terms and conditions. 

Do I need to purchase a club jersey for competition?

There are various rules set by the sport’s national governing bodies. If you do intend to race then you must wear the club design in all events under British Cycling’s jurisdiction. For CTT open time trials, you may wear either the correct club clothing or any top that does not have advertising or company logos. This CTT rule does not apply at club time trials. 

Can I purchase direct from the club?

  • Check our Facebook Group for private sales of club kit by other members or ask if anyone is willing to sell.