Group Rides

Welcome to our Group Rides - the life blood of any great club

Group rides are an important feature within Droitwich CC and if you are new to group riding, a great way of meeting other cyclists with all sorts of interests.   Whether you are a beginner looking to gain more confidence on the roads, or a confident cyclist looking to ride with other like-minded cyclists. We try not to bore fellow riders with endless chat on  latest tubeless tyres or gear ratios, promise!  

The A, B, C and D groups all have their attributes to fit everyone’s needs, hopefully.  Click the link on this page for details.

When they happen:-

  • Sundays: B, C and D group rides unless the weather is grim.
  • Alternate summer Wednesday evenings: fast C group ride to the Purity Brewery’s ‘Mad Goose’ Cyclist’s event.
  • Thursday evenings in summer:  A, B & C groups. 
  • Ad-hoc weekdays (often Friday mornings):  D group shorter distance rides arranged arranged via Whatsapp. To be added: please contact us, providing your phone number.  

Joining us for the first time?

Check our Facebook Page or Group for details.  Alternatively, contact us to be added to the appropriate Club Ride Whatsapp Group. 

If joining a group for the first time, have a chat with the ride leader at the start of the ride to make sure there is a common understanding about speed, style and what to do if someone is riding too fast at the front or can’t keep up at the back.

If you want to check us out first, we welcome people for up to 3 rides without being a member. After that, you will need to join the club. 

The main location for rides to start is Droitwich Spa Lido Car Park WR9 8AA, where toilets are available.  

Please take some time to read our guidance on riding safely in groups. It is useful for novice group riders, prospective ride leaders and those with a short memory. 

We encourage and support new ride leaders, so please think about helping us with this critical role. If you have got to grips with group rides and would like to support the club, please feel free to volunteer. 

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