Salinae & Cotswold

210 km Audax

From Droitwich Spa to the depths of the autumnal Cotswolds


This popular late season audax is back for 11th November 2023. 

Salinae and Cotswold is a great way explore rural lanes bathed in autumnal colours.  It may sound sucrose but the Cotswold village almost glow in the autumnal sunlight.  The route predominantly uses good quality C and B roads.  The first and last quarters are gentle but the middle half is hilly.  Riders launch into the Cotswolds at the deep end with the ascent of Suddeley Bank but thereafter, nothing is quite so severe.

The event starts at Little Al’s cafe at Droitwich Lido.   There are plenty of cake laden cafes at the control locations on route. The event finishes at Rotary House next to the Lido, where hot drinks and food will be available.

Further details on the route can found below Richard Lake’s excellent Vlog of the 2022 event.  

Route details

Stage 1. Droitwich Spa Lido to Tewkesbury. It is fairly easy going as you head southwards into The Vale.  There is one nasty little climb ahead of Crowle but that is about it. It may be fairly early into the ride but there are opportunities to stop at Tewkesbury, your first control.

Stage 2a. Droitwich to Winchcombe Information Control. After crossing the Severn, it is a long gentle climb to the base of the Cotswold plateau at Winchcombe.  Stop here to either click your E-Brevet App or answer the question set out within the Brevet Card.

Stage 2b. Winchcombe to Witney. Did we mention Suddeley Hill?  It is a nasty start to the Cotswold but attempt at your own pace. Another smally nasty comes after picturesque Guiting Power.  Bourton-on-Water is not a control point but there a plenty of more cafes at this tourist honeypot. From here on you bump along the Windrush Valley on an easy section to Witney. Witney is a recommended stop for food and drink as Shipston-on-Stour is a bit more spartan.

Stage 3a. Witney to Shutford Information Control. The revised route from 2022 will be repeated, keeping riders off the B road out of Witney.  From here on there are a fair few undulations through various villages to reach your second information control of the day at Shutford.

Stage 3b. Shutford to Shipston-on-Stour. This is a short section. Once over Edge Hill and the descent to Tysoe, life becomes a lot easier for the remainder of the audax route.  Shipston has a couple of cafes located in the town. The Deli is recommended. Otherwise, it is the Coop. 

Stage 4. Shipston-on-Stour to Droitwich. You continue west as darkness starts to descend. Overall, this section is gently undulating.  It won’t be too long before you reach the bright lights of Droitwich and Rotary House to register your finish, where hot food and drinks will be available. 

Fact and stats

Start: Droitwich Lido, Little Al’s Cafe  

Finish: Droitwich Lido, adjacent Rotary House

Control Locations: Tewkesbury, Witney and Shipston-on-Stour. These are so called ‘free controls’ where you choose your own cafe or shop to obtain a brevet card receipt or simply press your E-Brevet App location button.  There are also two information controls at Winchcombe and Shutford.

Overall Ascent: 2,142 metres

Audax Altitude Award: 0

Entry Fee:   £7.50 for AUK or Cycling UK members; £10.50 for others which includes entry and day AUK membership. 

Brevet for proofs of passage: Either brevet cards or via the e-brevet phone app. 

The event is run under Audax UK regulations. You should familiarise yourself with Audax UK regulations, guidance, and advice (available in AUK publications, at www.aukweb.net or on request from the organiser).  The event is not a race or trial of speed. You are expected to follow the rules of the road and show consideration toother road users.

  • The route is on open public roads. 
  • You should prepare by studying the route. 
  • The route is not waymarked /marshalled.
  • You are responsible for your safety/conduct. 
  • Some routes/conditions may be arduous.
  • The organiser provides no rescue service.
By entering the event, you understand that during the event, you are on a private excursion on the public highway and that you are responsible for your own conduct. You agree to abide by Audax UK Regulations for this ride. Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.