16 MARCH 2024

Reliability Rides

Seeking to repeat last year's success and cake....

At Droitwich Cycling Club we are very excited about our second reliability ride event.  We are working out all the details but make sure you add Saturday 16th added March 2024 to your diary.  The rides start from Salwarpe Village Hall, just to the south of Droitwich Spa.    

What happens on a reliability ride?

Reliability Rides are for all abilities. Some Reliability Rides will set riders off in groups of average speed varying from 20mph to 12mph with the fastest riders leaving first. Our events start in groups but some may choose to ride the event as a test of their abilities whilst others will ride at a more comfortable pace for banter with other riders. 

A warm welcome will be provided for returning riders with hot drinks, cake and possibly even more cake.  

Traditionally the route is not signposted but a basic route map or description may be provided.  We will provide exact route details in due course.  These will be available to entrants as a GPS file. 

The event may be busy, so parking at Salwarpe Village Hall may be tight. If you are within riding distance of our HQ, please engage those cleats and toddle into to see us by riding to the start.

This year we welcome Cycling Plus to our Reliability Ride.  As the UK’s biggest selling cycling magazine, we are really pleased to have them on board.  So for the camera, make sure that you look as glamourous as possible in your favourite Lycra.

How to enter

  • On the Day:  £5 cash at registration
  • Paypal Online: £5.50 includes transaction fee. Please state your preferred distance when entering. Follow the link below 


47 miles / 75 km

Start time: 09:00

Duration: 3h 30m


34 miles / 54 km

Start time: 09:15

Duration: 3h 05m


21 miles / 34 km

Start time: 09:30

Duration: 3h

Youtube Vlogger, Triathlon Dan, reviews our 2023 Long Route Reliability Ride