Evening Group Rides

New for summer Thursdays....

Role on those glorious summer evenings is what we say.  In fact DCC members have been calling out for, and who can argue against that!

 The aim is to get a good workout in for A, B and C riders.  The rides may well be followed by some social rehydration and general chin-wag.   

  • ‘C group rides at 16-18 mph. On a route that varies week to week. Please check our Facebook Group for the announced route. 
  • ‘B group’ riding at 18-20 mph average. Fixed route each week. 
  • ‘A group’ riding at 20+ (how much over 20mph depends on the riders) Fixed route each week.
  • All groups Depart from Droitwich Lido Car Park at 18:20 prompt.
  • The A and B group also pick-up in Crowle (opposite the pub) at around 18:35 to 18:40.  A & B groups ride together as far as Flyford Flavell.
Before setting off, please check our Facebook Page to check for cancellations or changes and route details etc. 

Group riding skill are essential for this type of ride,

  • Hold a good line 
  • Shout warnings about oncoming hazards
  • Repeat hazard shouts through the group 
  • Don’t do anything sudden and unpredictable 
  • Always shout if you need to make a sudden stop
  • Bring front and rear lights for poor evening light
  • Rear lights should be set on continuous
  • Avoid half wheeling
  • Aero bars are a definite ‘no’
  • Helmets are required

Please take some time to read our guidance on riding safely in groups. It is useful for novice group riders, prospective ride leaders or those us that are a bit rusty.

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